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What is this place?
Welcome to Rare Candy Treatment! A webcomic like all others except this one is locked to a specific subject: Pokémonn. The way they act, how its universe turns, why its trainers behave as they do, and to put everything we know about these games into question. One strip at a time.

Who are you?
I am no one significant. Besides making the comic strips. And maintaining the site. And changing the images whenever you go to a different page. On second thought, I might be belittling myself. The name's Olle Johansson, or Bumbazzle if you speak internet. Bum for short. I'm a regular bloke living within swedish borders, where this site happens to be my hobby. Sup.

Why am I here?
Because you are familiar or unusually obsessed with Pokémon games! And you're in search for comic strips about said object to get a good laugh! Hopefully! Although I can settle with making you smile or to broaden your horizons! Why am I yelling?!

No, I mean, why am I HERE? Specifically.
This is the general info and FAQ page, where I've gathered everything you need to know and might wonder about the site. Which isn't much. Seriously, it's a videogame comic. But if you are compelled by an irresistible thirst for knowledge, then go straight ahead. I'll try to update this page as often as I can, depending on how often people keep sending me questions, which can be done with several methods.. Although I might as well call this the AQ because they sure ain't frequent.

The Comic

How often do you add new comics?
I aim to update at least every month. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later.

Can I post some of your comics in my blog with the corresponding credit (Author, link to your comics)?
It is questions like this one that makes me believe that, at some point in time, one posted and credited someone's work where the author threw a grand fit because of the free advertising he/she just received without knowledge.

My comic is already out in the public where I have absolutely no control where it might wind up, which is the reason I label them with my url so that people may trace them back. So if I'm okay with that scenario, I'm even more comfortable with your request.

So yeah, go nuts.

What is the most difficult thing about coming up with new comics?
The approach. How to ellaborate on the subject, what to show to prove my point, or just overall how to tackle the idea where the end result is creative, unpredicting and funny. Preferrably all three.

I need to decide on this before I start working on it, which is why I have several ideas put on ice simply because I'm unsure about what to do with them. I can notice abnormal or weird stuff in the games all the time, but simply turning the spotlight to them and pointing fingers doesn't really make for an ellaborate comic strip. So if I want to use an idea, I need to make a situation or a dialogue where, hopefully, the reader will discover and understand the punchline rather than having it spelled out for them.

But nothing's wrong with fooling around every now and then.

What program do you use to make your strips?
A trusted and equally dusty edition of Photoshop CS2. I've tried out the newer versions, but since I wouldn't make any use of their new gadgets, I keep myself to my own backyard. I'm also very fond of that feather logo, pity they never brought it back.

Have you ever done a Nuzlocke Challenge? Would you ever consider doing a comic like that if you had enough time?
I've participated in two challenges of my own, the longest (and most intense) being on Pokémon Platinum, and both times I got tempted to draw it out partially or completely.

But knowing how I put more effort than necessary into such things, that project would most likely end up like most nuzlockes: abandoned and/or stagnated. But I have yet to complete one, and I really want to, so all hope is not lost! Although my Platinum cartridge appears to have lost its spark, so losing the record of that game did make for a huge wet blanket.

How long does it take you to make a strip?
Usually, my strip has to go through these phases: sketching on paper, outlining on computer, coloring, adding backgrounds and speech bubbles, and then lay out the shades and highlights. Most of my time is spent on the first two, but in total, each strip could be around 10 hours of work. There are some things which will naturally cut down on the production time, like the number of panels, the style I use, or if some panels use the same perspective or setting. But yeah, quality takes effort, and effort takes time.

Then there's also the fact that I have access to the internet and games during the entire production time, which is sure to hinder the progress. My attention is divided at best. :V

When and why did you become interested in making pokemon comics?
While I was practising the art of bear punching one day, the skies split with a thunderous noise and a tremendous light formed above my training grounds. From it, visions flowed forth and filled the air, while a voice with no sound informed me about the quest which had befallen me. My head got dizzy and the excitement made my spirit weary, and while animals began to dance and sing to celebrate the occasion, I headed quickly home to prepare for my divine mission. The game was afoot.

The actual and much less impressive explanation is that I was one day finding myself complementing unfinished essays to earn my CLS degree and without job, so thus I had enough free time to begin feeding my webcomic fantasies with more than just optimism. Several hours of googling comic hosts and html templates later, I made a nest on Smack Jeeves.

Even though I knew and followed many webcomics at the time, I hardly knew how to make one of my own design. So to bet it safe, I decided to go the videogame route, where a potential failure or unability to follow through my project would be lost in the sea of other doomed webcomics of the same theme. At the same time, I wanted to avoid a comic which targetted ALL games, and instead focus on one game universe I had large knowledge about. And preferrably a game which wasn't already represented by a notable webcomic already. Pokémon fitted all those criterias.

Granted, that last criteria has become less and less valid as I've met and seen more comic artists who like Pokémon as well, and now that I DO have a job I have sadly less time to fuel this enterprise with. But the short answer to your question is that whenever I played these games, ideas and observations began to pile up, along with the urge to share them in visual form. A fact which remains unchanged to this day.


Why do you like Pokémon?
In the beginning, I liked it because it was a cool game where you could control beasts and see them develop. It was also one of the first games I wanted to replay the soonest as new teammates and different rules made for a different experience. I also liked to collect things, be it bottle caps or cacti, so the phrase "Gotta Catch'em All" was a line which spoke directly to my heart.

Those reasons still applies to this date, but as I've grown older, I naturally wanted a higher difficulty, which the franchise has given me in generous amounts. Abilities, held-items, battle conditions and a plethora of species and moves to select from is what still keeps me attached to Pokémon. The sheer volume and complexity of it all intrigues me, along with the need for strategy and knowledge to make things work.

Still, you can only have 6 Pokémon with 4 moves each, so you need to make the best of what you've got and be prepared for anything. So to craft together a team of my own and see them duke it out on the field is something I still find to be fun. And if I still find it fun, then I see no reason to stop playing it.

Favorite Pokémon regardless of type?
Magcargo. Made me abandon my firestarted in a heartbeat. He's weak in many ways, but his interesting dual typing and jolly good looks simp,y sealed the deal for me.

What is your favorite Pokémon generation?
Gen II. I didn't even have to think about it. They polished up the Pokémon sprites, added more types, made gyms of all the unused types from the generation prior, threw in Kanto as a bonus, but above all it contained many Pokémon which I still use to this date.

Who is your favorite starter Pokémon?
Been a fire user ever since I got sucked into the franchise, but Gen IV was the first time they managed to hatch a terrific grass starter who ruled in both appearance and class, so Torterra is definitely a starter I like a great deal.

Me, myself and I

How many years have you been drawing (seriously drawing, I mean)?
Why, I've been drawing ever since I was a little bo-


The last art lesson I legitimately had was in highschool, but after that, I didn't draw too much on my own. But I picked up the interest again while I was in college, and through my doodles I tried to draw stuff I usually wouldn't. By the time I bought my first tablet (and getting used to it), that was also the time I put more thought into style and techniques.

So about 3 years. Give or take 2 months.

Do you own pants? If so, do you like to employ a particular style while doing comics or do you 'experiment' evey now and then?
I do own pants. I don't know how you figured that out, but I do. I'm a jeans kind of guy, most of them being black or grey to ease my laundry schedule, but whenever I feel daring I bring out the dark blue ones. Other brands of crotch clothing I possess would be shorts, which will soon be very relevant as summer's around the corner, but for times when I'm either temporarily ill or simply lazy, then I bring out the sweatpants to brighten the day.

I also love to wear pants if I'm making comics, so the usual choice would once again have to be regular jeans of any previously mentioned hue. I don't have sufficient funding to seriously experiment different positions, fabrics and sizes while studying the effects it has on my production, but if an opening to such an activity would open up in the future then it would certainly be something I'd like to investigate.

Boxers or briefs?
Boxers. My man utensils require air.

Where did you get the name Bumbazzle from?
In the beginning when I started using the internet seriously, I had to pick a nickname. Which ended up not as serious. Maybe at that time, but not as much now. The nick was "Bummerdude", and thanks to my persistent work of making accounts everywhere at the lack of better judgement, I still use that handle in some places.

Whenever I have the chance, I just go with "Bummer". When that doesn't fly, I roll with "Bumbazzle" instead, which is nothing but a nonsensical twist to it. And when THAT is taken, well, I'm inclined to use "Bumpity Bum Bummer". It's a vicious cycle. Especially if you're terrible with names.

How did you make up your mind on this particular drawing style? Did it "just happen" as you were drawing or maybe you tried many different styles?
I HAVE tried many different styles, but my usual one is the collective creation of many details and features I've picked up from other artists, or stuff I've figured out on my own. I make an effort to check out other art and drawings while studying their details, differences and main features. If I like something, I try to incorporate it into my own work. Either that, or I get inspiration from real life. You continue to grow as an artist whether you're aware of it or not.