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These are some methods or places where anyone can deliver their messages and/or suggestions.

Email: bum.rct@gmail.com
DeviantArt: Bummerdude
Smackjeeves: Bumbazzle

And if you missed the second menu on top, I'm also accessible from here:

Facebook: Rare Candy Treatment
Twitter: RCTweetment
Tumblr: Secret Bonbon Prescription

If you through a series of random or reasonable events managed to come up with a neat comic idea but has no means to draw it yourself, then you can use any of these pathways to hunt me down and share it if you want to. Proper credit in the form of a full name, handle or some sort of specific information will be written on the bottom on the strip once it's finished and published, and a mention in the author comment (example can be seen here). This, however, also means that it's not a commission as I'm not being paid for the work, which also gives me the choice of declining any idea I don't like or don't find worth putting effort into, so no hard feelings.