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30 Aug 2010 03:40 am

Mean statistics

This update contains graphical content, viewer discretion is advised.

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30 Aug 2010 03:45 am

Been a bit lazy around here

What's the solution to quick updates with minimal effort?

Graph comics, of course!

30 Aug 2010 04:19 am

I know EXACTLY what you mean. -_-''

30 Aug 2010 02:19 pm

Ugh, that has happened to me so many times, I figure, hey one more hit ought to knock it down to it's lowest hitpoints and it should be easier to catch. Oh wait. RNG isn't so random. It's evil.

06 Sep 2010 02:08 pm

can't wait for next update

05 Nov 2010 01:07 pm

Oh God

This is way too true. I tried a Nuzlocke run recently and literally wasted the first two 'mons I encountered with accidental crits like a dumbass.

01 Jan 2011 09:05 pm


Too true ;__;
I hit a critical hit and killed a shiny tentacool ;__;

19 Jan 2011 02:14 pm

that graph is oh so true!

20 Feb 2011 01:23 pm


14 Jun 2011 01:54 pm

So true

There is way too much truth in this.
I love these so far.

27 Jun 2011 01:53 pm


this happened when i encountered a shiny pineco and it used self destruct

07 Jul 2011 09:27 pm

None. >___>

Simple, use RNG and encounter slots, profit.

15 Jul 2011 03:11 pm

On a battle with a legendary I have it a one health and then it uses doble-edge. It's almost the same thing. Eventualy I kept fighting it until it turned shiny. I didn't want to waste the opportunity to get one so I used my master ball. :(

26 Jul 2011 08:33 pm


That's Why They Created The Move False Swipe, Guaranteed To Leave The Pokemon With 1HP. Even If Is Already On 1HP And You Use False Swap. Nothing Will Happen

28 Sep 2011 04:38 pm

Stupid critical hits. I'm also convinced that NPC's pokemon have higher critical hit ratios.

08 Oct 2011 02:28 pm

lucky me

The exact opposite happened to me when i tried to beat a gym leader. i had 1 hit left, my strongest attack wouldnt be able to kill it... i got a critical hit

17 Oct 2011 07:13 pm

makes me feel not so alone when trying to catch ho-oh lol

05 Dec 2011 02:02 pm

This caused me to kill a shiny Golbat once...

17 Dec 2011 11:52 am

Use fixed damage attacks only like sonic boom, dragon rage, night shade or the best is false swipe

14 Jan 2012 08:35 pm


You forgot a fourth line, representing wild Shiny Pokémon. Just as well, though, as that would be way off the chart.

01 Jun 2012 02:14 pm

I remember that crap...Thats why I save before Legen encounters and Use A+B+Up(I dont care if it works or not,Last time that caused me a Moltres D:<)

01 Jun 2012 10:29 pm

This happened to me with a shiny Drowzee... I used tackle at half HP on it... No more Drowzee...

02 Jul 2012 04:16 pm

False Swipe

That's why this move is there for

11 Jul 2012 12:39 am

Dead Moltres

You don't know how many times i had to restart my gameboy color for accidentally killing a legendary pokemon. Thank god for false swipe.

09 Jan 2013 03:16 pm

ALWAYS, This is why frost breath is available, i haven't used it yet though