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10 Aug 2010 10:23 am

The Breeder's Dilemma

"In other news, pokémon are now used as hats."

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10 Aug 2010 10:43 am

First one out of the bunch

I get several funny ideas while playing the game, but few of those actually stick for longer amounts of time. But I was exposed to this one more often.

In the arts of breeding, getting a female with the correct nature can be a mentally brutal procedure if you're using the method of pure, random chance. In Relicanth's case, that's about 0,5% chance with each egg (1/8 for female, 1/25 for correct nature), so I sadly spent hours and hundreds of eggs to finally obtain one. But then I later on discovered how Dittos can pass on nature's too, so thus my issue was no more.

This comic is rather old (several months since I made it), so at that time I was still training the fundamentals of body positions and shading (still am). Hope you enjoy it!

11 Aug 2010 04:52 pm

Lol, this page is awesome!
I like your drawing style, and I can't wait for the next page! Keep it up! +favv

12 Aug 2010 09:11 am

Thanks for the comment! I re-updated the comic again with some changes. One being re-writing the dialogue using a text tool and not writing it on my own, as my hand doesn't really match the tidyness and horizontal order. The other part was removing the noise, enhancing the scanlines (TV screen) and making it slightly more gray/blue. Now I think the scanlines are too much, but I better leave it like this as I'll ever be content with it. Bah!

And if you were to this page in itself, I have a lot to thank whistleonwild and her template for. The code for it can be found here, it really helped me out:


Next comic coming soon, just trying to get my gear in order.

12 Aug 2010 09:28 am

I... never thought about the ramifications of releasing Pokemon before. ...thanks to you, I don't think I'll ever breed Pokemon again xD

I think the bubbles are pretty bad ): The text itself is legible, and I love the hand-written (I assume?) bubble, but the shape of the balloons make the text difficult to read. They need much more negative space, and shouldn't follow the text shape too closely. This article says it better than I can:

12 Aug 2010 02:39 pm

But breeding pokemon is the only pride and joy after completing the story mode! Think of the possibilities!

And yes, I've now engulfed the article in its entirety and I'm very pleased with what I've learned. I'm just thankful you weren't here to witness the bubbles before the changes I made. I've been meaning to place the text and bubbles right after I've finished the outlines for a strip, so your reminder will definitly aid me in my next comic.

It's really true though. As someone who reads a plethora of comics, paper or web, I never seriously thought about speech bubbles until I started making comics on my own. Goes to show how little the reader think about them.

19 Aug 2010 05:01 am

Aaaaand edited. Again. I have the feeling I'll never be content with this one.

Speech bubbles were improved, and each image was given a frame (didnt even realise I had forgotten them!).

27 Sep 2010 09:11 am

Dittos pass on natures? thanks for the info.

17 Jan 2011 05:54 pm

Wow, that would be a problem, wouldn't it?

19 Jan 2011 05:36 pm

This first comic made me Fave it. Congragulations.

23 Jan 2011 01:01 pm

Ahh, the joys of breeding.

So rarely do I run into people who make fun of this little part of the games.
It was ESPECIALLY annoying when it came to trying to win contests in RSE, wasn't it? :|

03 Feb 2011 03:03 pm



13 Mar 2011 07:24 pm

This is how swarm pokés are made xP

11 Apr 2011 11:42 pm

This is SO EPIC. XDD <3333

02 Jul 2011 03:29 pm

"There onto us!"

04 Jul 2011 08:02 pm


can drive people crazy

15 Jul 2011 02:30 pm

I hate how you can't get a dito in Pokemon Black and White until you beet the game. It makes it very hard to get all of the starters. (I trade make an egg and then trade back)

13 Aug 2011 06:19 am

I-I don't even know that much about natures yet. I-I need to study!

20 Sep 2011 09:34 pm

Did anyone else notice the relicanth waving in the 3rd panel

17 Oct 2011 07:19 pm

hahah guilty... wow i feel like one of those dead beat dads who are strictly pro life ohhhhhhhh touchy subject!

10 Nov 2011 01:29 pm

hahahahahahahhahahaha this is gold!

24 Jan 2012 06:17 pm

More food for thought...

Why don't most Legendaries have genders?
What do you do when you run out of money? I use the Elite Four (pfft) as my own bank!
Why aren't you taking challengers if you're the campion?
Why don't you ever sleep?
And most importantly, what does it mean when the God of pokemon (Arceus), pokemon who govern time/space/alternate worlds ect. ?

28 Feb 2012 04:24 pm

*cough* Action replay code.

17 Jul 2012 04:51 pm

Awesome Comics

I LOOOVVVEEE your comics Rare Candy Treatment!! Keep on drawin <3

20 Jul 2012 07:44 am

@Dungeons: It is even in the most popular comics

20 Jul 2012 03:14 pm

I can see why @comicboy

10 Aug 2012 04:49 pm

2 Years

Exact 2 years since the first comic!!! Concratiolations :P

12 Mar 2013 09:39 pm

Awesome face

I just love the Relicanth's face!