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13 May 2011 10:33 am

Act of Giving

But the question remains: how did he write that card?

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13 May 2011 10:43 am

This is the last strip for now that will feature explosions and birds at the same time I swear!

Present is, was and always has been a perplexive move Delibird can learn. In battle, it's incredibly unpredictable and can even result in aiding your foe if you've run out of luck, but if I were to apply this move in a somewhat more social situation, this scenario came along. So despite the good intentions, his gifts will only serve to alienate himself from those he holds dear and cherishes.

I am a terrible person.

ANYWAY, plenty of people have asked about when I'll get around doing Black 'n' White strips, and I can safely say that next week will be that special week. Stay tuned.

13 May 2011 10:52 am

Aw, don't give up on exploding birds! You haven't made one about giving a Wingull seltzer water!

13 May 2011 12:01 pm

Crap as usual

hahaha it's funny because the move present has a high chance of damaging ahahahaha

13 May 2011 12:33 pm


Present is a terrible move. This strip is hilarious.

13 May 2011 01:03 pm

Yes, I do spend far too long every day checking this page. I check it several times, every day, to wait for the update, so that I can troll it. Every day. Because my life has nothing else in it. I thank you for giving me this opportunity.



13 May 2011 01:16 pm

Why do you draw female characters with such ridiculously big lips? Have you never actually seen a woman in person?

13 May 2011 01:54 pm

Kidding again. I love this comic and the time you put into it. I'm just coping for the fact that I'm over 30 years old and still live in my parent's basement.

13 May 2011 02:32 pm

@Kittens: The worst part is that they were bigger before. But while we're still talking aout proportions, the eyes are way too far off as well, so my anatomical faults can fill quite a number of pages if one were to be taken seriously.

Although that doesn't make your comment any less valid, I'll keep the lips stronger in mind from now on.

13 May 2011 03:09 pm

Honestly, your art style is weird.

And I love it. It has a great mixture of both detail, and simplicity.

13 May 2011 03:18 pm

By the way, pls don't block me or whatever. I'm an escaped mental patient who doesn't know how to cope with real life.

13 May 2011 04:12 pm

"Any less valid."

NO JOHANSSON. NO. BAD ARTIST. You shouldn't even respond to REAL critics like that. What hubris! Artists have been telling their detractors to go die in holes for GENERATIONS, and you and all the rest of the hippy-dippy webcomic crowd think you can just WIPE AWAY years of tradition with your "valid points". It makes me sick! You tell that person to F off and you LIKE IT.


13 May 2011 05:13 pm

You know what would fix her conditon? Another Present.

13 May 2011 06:12 pm

Who is james!?

Who is james!?

Why does he say what i thought before me and how does he also know your last name?! I thought you were ingenious anonymous on the webs. Also great strip this week/JAwk

13 May 2011 06:42 pm

I'm just a dude.

And he has a twitter up there, and I looked at it. 'cuz shouting NO BUMBAZZLE is not a thing I want to do.

13 May 2011 08:28 pm

Delibird is the new Jokey Smurf.

13 May 2011 10:54 pm


14 May 2011 04:30 am

I love how there are four Blahs on this page.

14 May 2011 04:48 am

@Balladeer, seconded, that makes this comic more fun :P

Can't wait for the B/W comics :3

14 May 2011 08:19 am

LOL!! Hey Guys, are there exact days whena new strip is posted??

14 May 2011 10:28 am

Nothing is carved into stone, but I do try to update on a Friday or Saturday each week.

14 May 2011 12:08 pm

( ≧皿≦)9 (´⊿`;)

I always disliked these birds. Though I have to admit, it was nice when their presents healed, you know? Look ma, no drugs!

The comic got a big smile out of me.

15 May 2011 04:24 pm

I didn't get it, even at the last frame. Although that was because I my window wasn't big enough to see the Delibird at the corner. Once I saw that, I realised that gag. I smiled.

Possibly one of the best comics yet, good job. :]

15 May 2011 04:51 pm

Just a suggestion for a comic.

Blastoise; shed shell; modest.

16 May 2011 01:57 am

Please hurry up and make your next crappy comic. You see, I have no friends, so I have nothing to do but troll you.

16 May 2011 02:07 am

You cannot rush crappy comics. They take time and effort!

16 May 2011 11:55 am

But... but... butbutbut...


16 May 2011 02:57 pm


Upload your next crappy comic now, so I can rip on how bad it is when deep down I love it to bits!

17 May 2011 11:33 am

i love delibird, and i found this hillarious.. godd work dude

18 May 2011 04:14 pm


I don't like delibird before, i hate him now. the world's first bird terrorist. dropping bombs and healing bombs across the land. decimating everything while slightly healing them to their inevitable doom. :)

22 May 2011 03:49 am

At least Delibird doesn't do what Audino do. What the hell kind of opponent heals the enemy constantly? Present only heals sometimes, Audino just lives to doctor your pokemon while it gets the crap beat out of it.

28 May 2011 11:55 am

reminds me of the time in PMD where I was about to die to a delibird and it healed me :D
i love present. LOL

13 Sep 2011 07:46 am

@Blah: Well.. that sucks for you. No need to ruin others days though, just because you feel like a big piece of shit. This is someone's personal web comic page. You should take your trolling elsewhere. If I heard those kinds of comics on here, it would really put me down.

17 Oct 2011 06:25 pm

pfft awesome

why does that useless santa bird look sad?

ive never had the fortune of being healed by that bastard

09 Apr 2012 12:02 am

@Blah: you troll i hate trolls call the troll police

11 Jun 2012 05:13 pm

At least the bird didn't explode like in the last comic.