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16 Apr 2011 01:53 am


Same goes for talking to people.

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16 Apr 2011 01:56 am

At some point I realised that I tend to draw guys whenever the character is neutral to the punchline, so this time, a girl it is!

16 Apr 2011 02:10 am

First post!!

haha we can smush large powerful pokemon into a small orb but we still can't get the phones to work.

Hey got a small question: does anyone know what happens to pokeballs after you use them and fail to catch a pokemon in the games??? Does the pokemon take off with them out of spite or are we just too lazy to go and retrieve them??

16 Apr 2011 02:24 am

Well its very funny.

16 Apr 2011 02:31 am

Oh no a phone isn't working big fucking whoop this shit isn't funny

and the art is still horrible


16 Apr 2011 05:52 am

hey "Blah", if it's sooooo horrible, stop reading it

and if you're trying to be clever, you fail. epically.

so please don't leave a third (or more) snarky comment and let those of us who like this comic to enjoy it, please. that is why we're here.

(oh, and i really like this page!)

16 Apr 2011 07:24 am

@PSA: The short answer to your question would be that they are broken when pokémon release themsevles by force. I don't know what angle the anime take about this, but I wouldn't care about it too much.

@Blah: What part of this is hilarious? This is a serious flaw in the game mechanics and do you have any idea of how many phone calls I lost in this dreadful fashion oh god I promised not to cry but the tears won't stop

@sbdrag: If the comment is so horrible, stop responding. Everything besides spam is allowed here. And thanks, working with colored outlines is still an area I'm getting the hang of!

16 Apr 2011 07:38 am

@PSA I like to think they break the pokeball to escape. *nods*

And I hate the phone. Seriously. I get a call and I'll be like "Oh trainer's got an item/battle for me?" and they'll talk about a freaking rattatta they caught. ugh.

16 Apr 2011 08:28 am


16 Apr 2011 10:16 am



16 Apr 2011 10:52 am

Any plans for Pokemon Black/White Jokes soon? Or are you still playing through it?

16 Apr 2011 11:23 am

Mai: ahahaha whoops, must have forgotten that detail. Can't really decide if I should fix it or leave it as a quirk.

CW: There are plans for BW jokes as I've now run through the game entirely, but I'm holding them up a while longer so that other people get a chance to play them, but also so that I can work myself through jokes meant for earlier games. Currently, I'm handling HG/SS.

16 Apr 2011 12:04 pm

Well, obviously.

We all know that simple doorways are the downfall to all electronics. I'm surpised my laptop hasn't exploded from all the times I take it in and out of my room!

Ah, gotta love trolls. Hater's gonna hate. Otherwise, what would they do with all that spare time?

16 Apr 2011 02:43 pm

Oh my god

I lost SO many calls from Mother about buying me something by that last one. I wouldn't notice my phone ringing and then BLAM I'd walk through a door and it'd stop working.

16 Apr 2011 05:48 pm


I wonder when pokeballs are gonna start exploding from walking through doors.

16 Apr 2011 05:48 pm


In SoulSilver, I always talk to random people while trying to hatch my eggs because my sweet snuggly mommy kept calling me XS

17 Apr 2011 09:46 am

Pfff, I just ignore the calls. It used to be they hung up after a while. Now it’s until you do one of the interruption actions I think.

17 Apr 2011 10:16 am

lol, and when you change dst.

17 Apr 2011 11:45 am

@all who answered my question: thanks me and my friends have been wondering that.


18 Apr 2011 08:30 am


I think pokeballs are probably not reusable. You throw them, you fail, they're useless. Might as well just leave them there. This may also be the reason you don't keep the pokeball after releasing a Pokemon.

So either pokeballs are from a renewable material, or people don't care about ecology a single bit.

18 Apr 2011 10:12 pm


thats probably a really good comic idea. Something like a legendary pokemon (reyquaza) being piled under tons of broken pokeballs a trainer throws at it.

19 Apr 2011 06:18 am

Why?! Why must you hang up as soon as I talk to someone because I didn't notice you ringing until it was too late?! For that matter, why do you only ring when I'm about to go to a different area?!?

21 Apr 2011 11:30 am

so true lol

I love how the game can't connect with real life lol

@coolking49 - aaaand thats why legendary pokemon are hidden. :P

24 Apr 2011 12:53 pm

I dont get it...

24 Apr 2011 02:57 pm

The two first factors are understandable, but the third is something that would never happen outside of the game.

22 May 2011 03:58 am

Umm...what pokemon is she surfing on? I can't really tell, looks kinda like quagsire, but I'm not sure...

22 May 2011 02:40 pm

It's a Sealeo, but now that you mention it, its whiskers aren't that visible so it might as well be a Quagsire ahaha.

03 Sep 2011 02:14 pm

@PSA: I just figured they broke, rendering them useless. I've imagined what it would look like while trying to catch a legendary - a pile of broken pokeball bits piling up around its feet.

15 Oct 2011 11:10 am

top percentage rattata?

when are you going to come up with a youngster joe comic?

17 Oct 2011 06:33 pm

and dont forget!

it also picks up mysterious transmission from crypts and ruins! Dont scream! its only your soul crying out of terror!

10 Nov 2011 11:05 pm

you know,

You should've drawn those other reasons, too.

22 Jan 2012 12:35 pm

Third panel

Is she riding an Azumarill or a Sealeo?

01 Sep 2012 08:33 am

@PSA: I always imagined the Pokémon breaking out of the ball forcefully, and breaking it.

18 Nov 2012 09:13 pm

the ringin was annoying enough

07 Dec 2012 09:02 pm


@PSA: Well, look at the animation closely. The pokemon doesn't just pop out like they do in the anime- These are capsule designed to trap Pokemon inside. The Pokemon BREAK out, leaving the ball unusable.

26 Dec 2012 05:29 am

You know, I'm reading through your archives from the beginning and noticed that almost all your characters are men, which made me a bit sad. Then I got to this comic and it made me happy. Thanks. :)

30 Dec 2012 01:32 am

Talking to people is also a factor...

19 Mar 2013 10:46 pm

@PSA: "The pokemon BROKE free..." I always assumed the pokeball shattered.