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25 Mar 2011 05:15 am

Backlot backup

The next step was to make them live in herds.

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25 Mar 2011 05:20 am

I personally spit whatever I was drinking at the time when backlot began rambling about wild Porygons, and that impression has survived to present date and found its way into a strip. This isn't common knowledge though, so those who doesn't get it have no reason to lower their heads in shame.

And yes, I know you can't get pokémon through casinos in Gen IV, and yes, I know of that one Porygon which can be earned as a gift in Platinum (although that in turn cancels the possiblity to find them in the garden).

Next week's update has a long way to go though, and my weekend won't be dedicated to it as I'll be busy elsewhere, but I prefer to be optimistic.

25 Mar 2011 06:32 am

dont forget the wild mewtwos

25 Mar 2011 06:46 am


You should edit the waitress in the last panel to be in a Lopunny costume. Would be slightly more appropriate for the region, after all.

25 Mar 2011 07:47 am

Was wondering why you spelt polygons wrong. Then realised that polygons were actually the correct spelling.

25 Mar 2011 08:06 am

Always had this suspicion...

I always had a feeling that the butler always had the duty to go get those particular Pokemon and shove them in the garden. Though to be honestly, I thought they just had a hidden room where loads of Pokemon were being held, then all of that species were released into the garden

25 Mar 2011 08:12 am

where did he get all those pokemon?! Nice Comic.

25 Mar 2011 08:37 am

Aww, the butler looks so sad in the last panel.

25 Mar 2011 10:20 am

...he could have just bought enough coins for the exchange, instead of using the slots...

that's what I did

25 Mar 2011 04:54 pm

lol oh jeez those damn slot machines

25 Mar 2011 06:36 pm


Me too.

25 Mar 2011 09:06 pm

Personally, I never got why he would by all of these pokemon to but into a garden that insists entirely of grass and little flowers that grow everywhere...If he loves his garden so much, why doesn't he make it look more like a garden, instead of just a place in his yard nobody is mowing. >__>

Whatever, it's not like anything else makes sense about pokemon, it's constantly contradicting itself. e__o

But I guess that's the point of this entire comic. xD

27 Mar 2011 12:50 pm


Technically, in some games: you can just buy the coins without paying: so if you wanted to save time,you could get a Porygon by spending a HUGE amount of money.

27 Mar 2011 01:22 pm



27 Mar 2011 09:28 pm

It could be worse

He could be wandering around the garden trying to find a ditto.
'DAMN IT! WHERE ARE THESE DITTOS?!?! ALL I SEE ARE FRIGGIN ODDISH!...wait a second..*forehead slap*'

29 Mar 2011 05:18 am

Poor old buttler. That guy is evil...XD

31 Mar 2011 05:38 pm

I HATED having to get Porygon. Was such a hassle!

05 Apr 2011 05:02 pm

Actually... you're supposed to say "many Porygon" instead of "many Porygons"
I don't know why it bothers me so much when people do this(which is almost always) but it just does :/

Cool comic though, I love this site :D

06 Apr 2011 11:18 pm

You know, you can buy coins at the desk. I think.

08 Apr 2011 12:37 pm

@Alex: I was under the impression that 'Porygon' followed the same grammatical rules as 'polygon', although the difference could be how a pokemon cannot be considered a noun. Either way, Bulbapedia confirmed this, and I've now edited the strip.

And yes, everyone, coins can be bought. Forgot to add that in the first post.

24 Apr 2011 12:55 pm

does he run out of coins?

23 Jun 2011 04:33 am

D= poor thing! Ill give you all my coins ;A;

15 Jul 2011 05:58 pm

I hate voltorb flip...

26 Aug 2011 09:46 pm

i don't get it.......

27 Aug 2011 06:12 pm

Blue casino prizes cheaper than Red

I hope he's playing at the Casino in Pokemon Blue, because, for some strange reason the Pokemon prizes in Blue, were not as expensive as the ones in Red. That didn't even make sense.

16 May 2012 08:52 pm

You've done it again, that make me lol.
Hahaha XD

18 Jul 2012 01:32 pm

That really shouldn't be part of his job description.

17 Feb 2013 12:21 pm

@Falgaia: the creator is not going to approve of your sick fantasies