Rare Candy Treatment Rare Candy Treatment

14 Jan 2011 10:56 am

Because you're worth it

Side effects include: Nausea, headaches, dizzyness, blemishes, bowel issues, sweating, irregular heart rhytm and urges to battle.

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14 Jan 2011 11:00 am

No funny this week. Just wit.

14 Jan 2011 11:02 am

so there where i get sun stnoe

14 Jan 2011 12:04 pm

Ba dum tsh

14 Jan 2011 12:07 pm

Solaris needs such ads to catch up to Moon Co. and their one gen advantage.

14 Jan 2011 03:33 pm

Time to shopping for Rose!

14 Jan 2011 05:18 pm

Sun and Moon stones got robbed when they made Espeon and Umbreon.

14 Jan 2011 08:36 pm

experience may vary.

15 Jan 2011 04:58 am

I'm more a Hydrus fan, or maybe the Dawn company... I can't decide! >.<

15 Jan 2011 03:39 pm

*stares blankly*

HA! I get it.


*sips tea*

16 Jan 2011 02:14 pm

lol gloom, grats on the spotlight! I knew this comic was good

16 Jan 2011 04:29 pm

OHH I get it now (took me like a couple minutes to figure it out XD)

16 Jan 2011 11:03 pm

The buttons on this site (comic, archive, first, etc) are awesome.

19 Jan 2011 02:44 pm

I didn't get it until I saw that the girl in the second panel looked like Bellossom. That is very witty!!

19 Jan 2011 04:28 pm

5'd and Fav'd.

01 Feb 2011 09:20 pm

Technically, gloom doesn't grow when it evovles into bellosom, it shrinks.

08 Mar 2011 05:27 am

Lol, but it can grow using a leaf stone^^ evolving into vilplume.

27 Jun 2011 02:27 pm

lol this took me a while to figure out. the drool and the curls congrats

17 Oct 2011 06:50 pm

thats actually a pretty neat logo design, cool slogan too kudos.

26 Nov 2011 08:42 pm

Don't ask why, but next time, remind me not to carry a torch into a forest consisting of oak trees.

25 Dec 2011 07:36 am

>.> I see what you did there

02 Nov 2012 01:25 pm


was actually really clever.

18 Apr 2013 04:48 pm

suddenly realises