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22 Nov 2010 04:31 pm

Divine Purpose

He also doubles as a bedlamp.

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22 Nov 2010 04:31 pm

The pokémon with a thousand uses.

22 Nov 2010 04:50 pm

GOD pokemon!!! lighting up caves...

22 Nov 2010 05:40 pm

Gold's face in the third panel makes me laugh.

Also, that's really the only thing Arceus is good for. He may have damn good stats, but he's not that great of a battler... Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer Mewtwo. :D

22 Nov 2010 11:11 pm

I jsut caught up with the archieve ^_^

23 Nov 2010 03:39 am

I just died laughing xD

24 Nov 2010 09:23 pm

I think Arceus is crying in the 3rd panel.

25 Nov 2010 04:06 pm

That's just the white outlines making it look like so. His tears only run on the inside.

04 Dec 2010 10:39 pm

If God was a trainer, Arceus would be his HM slave.

12 Dec 2010 10:56 pm

you have a point but what about mew, mew can learn all moves in the game.

03 Jan 2011 01:33 pm


using god as a cave lamp?!?!? OH THE HUMANITY!!!

19 Jan 2011 08:37 pm

Ok, 1. Arceus can learn any move
2. Arceus can become any type depending on what plate you give it.
3. "Judgement" is Arceus's ultimate move that also changes types depending on the plate given; and
4. My Arceus is the Movie Event Arceus. moves: Judgement, Spacial Rend, Roar of Time, and Shadow Force. My Arceus Pwns everything!!!

06 Feb 2011 03:40 am

@ Story teller, Astralle
Can't wait to see it get beat by a Ratata with focus sash, endevor and quick attack

24 Feb 2011 06:16 am

@AlchemistWarrior30: And that, sir, is why Stealth Rock is so popular these days.

20 Mar 2011 08:23 pm

@Pseudonym Here: That's why there's something called "lead".

29 Mar 2011 09:41 pm

Gold said "Let there be Light!" and Gold saw to it that the Light was good. It was.

30 Apr 2011 08:36 pm

Oh awesome! Great drawings!

11 May 2011 03:50 pm

Actually, Arceus can't learn every TM or HM move. Ethan looks ridiculous in the last panel.

12 May 2011 07:05 am

I threw in some more 'derp' than usual in his expression to emphasize how strange the situation is. The effect may wary!

01 Jun 2011 10:48 pm



02 Aug 2011 03:37 pm

who teaches Arceus Flash?

08 Sep 2011 09:23 pm


Lol, hurray for gods, I want an Arceus.

17 Oct 2011 11:54 pm

Hahaha its like christianity...

10 Mar 2012 03:15 am

@Whatura: Thank you for I agree.

13 Aug 2012 06:36 pm

@Whatura: >Mewtwo over Arceus.
Are you serious? Arceus is like the single most dangerous Pokemon in the game!

14 Aug 2012 01:46 pm

Mewtwo has a much higher base special attack stat (154), and also higher speed than Arceus.

And the rest of it's stats come to around 100 or over.

Meanwhile, all of Arceus' stats are base 120.

Besides, Wobbuffet and Wynaut are the most dangerous.

With the FEAR rattatas coming a close second.

13 Jan 2013 08:02 pm

Mew is the one and only legendary pokémon.