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18 Nov 2010 10:45 am

Spot on

Thankfully, the show was cancelled immediately.

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18 Nov 2010 10:51 am

Judging by the TV content, I don't think the reporters aren't too picky about what content makes for a decent story. But choosing a word for the interview is always a delightful stage of the process.

Seeing as updates are sporadically, one of my guests brought to my attention that I need to enable RSS feed, so if you look up at the main menu the button should now be there, ready for anything. It saves you the trouble of checking my site every day for new material (although that certainly improves the visitor statistics!).


18 Nov 2010 03:47 pm

I onceplayed Diamond without ever watching the T.V. After beating Pastoria citys gym, I watched a T.V., and they were doing a piece about how I had caught a Budew, which was my first pokemon and was now fully evolved.

23 Nov 2010 02:22 pm


10 Jun 2011 08:39 pm

This reminds me... I think it was in Sapphire version, but there was this guy in one of the pokemon centers who would sing a song, and I made hims sing "sister eats children, voracious and drooling"

20 Jun 2011 03:15 am


15 Jul 2011 04:31 pm

They annoy me so much.

02 Oct 2011 01:47 pm

I love giving them the dumbest thing ever, they get excited and put it on air. O.o

19 Oct 2011 05:19 pm

I remember it now!


27 Nov 2011 10:06 am

@guest: That is beyond awesome, sir/madam. You deserve a cookie for that. XD

01 Dec 2011 04:58 pm

In fire red you were to describe yourself in 4 words.

"Fear makes me damp"

28 Jan 2012 11:04 pm

After Gen V...


10 Jun 2012 10:49 am

I usually choose something simple and awkward, like "I'M HARD" or "YOU'RE MOIST"

18 Apr 2013 04:25 pm


i kinda got a poffin recipie.....or 39 of em at least....er......well im havin them at my party OR ELSE XD MUST EAT POFFINNNNNNS